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1. Make an appointment by ringing 03 9364 0350 (if you are a new client, make sure you have your Tax File Number handy.)

2. Prepare for your appointment

a. Summarise all your taxable income and make sure you have all documents required such as Payment Summaries. For "income you must declare" go to .

b. Summarise all your deductions and make sure you have all required substantiation documents such as receipts, log books, employer letters, etc.

3. Click here for "deductions for individuals", and here for "records you must keep" .

4. Bring all the details outlined above to your tax return appointment.

5. Make sure you also bring:

a. Your bank account details so your refund can be deposited directly into your account

b. Your private health insurance details should be automatically uploaded to the ATO in early July.

c. Your spouse's taxable income, etc.

6. Further instructions for Individual Tax Returns can be found here: 2021-2022


We don't blame you! However, you will have no one but yourself to blame if you choose not to take the time to learn and understand your obligations prior to your tax return appointment!

The tax office can and does charge substantial penalties to taxpayers who are unable to substantiate all their tax claims or who fail to declare all their taxable income. 

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