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Tax planning is important, especially if you are on a high income and, therefore, a high rate of tax.


One of the most common methods of  tax planning is negative gearing. This method is complicated, which is why you’ll need help from a professional tax agent. At Anthony Gigacz & Associates, we specialise in tax planning and negative gearing.

How does Negative Gearing work?

Negative gearing reduces your income tax because it reduces the taxable income. Negative gearing is most commonly used with a rental property. When a property is negatively geared, you will see a tax-deductible loss rather than a taxable income — the tax deductions are greater than the taxable income.


Various investment property expenses, including depreciation and interest, can be claimed when done properly. Those who use negative gearing hope to balance their short taxable loss with the long-term capital gain. In most cases, that long-term capital gain, when the property is sold, is taxed at only half of the normal income tax rate.

How can Anthony Gigacz & Associates Help?

Because there are so many considerations and rules, it’s best to have a professional help you out.


At Anthony Gigacz & Associates, we will help you balance and assess the following:

  • Tax refund from negative gearing

  • Tax refund from the Capital Works Allowance

  • Rent received

Often, when these things are added together, you won’t need to pay anything else to the loan installment.



To learn more about negative gearing and if it’s right for you, contact Anthony Gigacz & Associates or our sister company, Steady On, today. You can reach our St Albans location by phone on 03 9364 0350. We serve the metro Melbourne area, including Sunshine.

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