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Young Business Colleagues


Investment Properties Tax Services in St. Albans

Anthony (Tony) Gigacz started his career in tax in 1978.


He quickly learned that the most widely used tax planning tool was property investment, and was amazed at how effective that tool was.


His main strength is his ability to use the experience of thousands of his clients and, more importantly, learn from their success stories.


Tony made his first residential property investment in 1983. That property cost $42,000 and has now been valued at over $1,000,000. 


But even more importantly, the only money he invested was a 25% deposit - that is $10,500. His tenants and the Australian Tax Office covered that investment from there!


Since then Tony has continued to learn and develop his skills and to surround himself by experts.


After almost 40 years Tony now regards himself as an expert in personal income tax.


He is designated a Chartered Tax Adviser (CTA) by the Tax Institute.


Finally, Tony loves passing on his knowledge to the next generation, especially his knowledge of tax planning and negative gearing 


– for a fee, of course!

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